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Sunday, November 05, 2006


That's me in disguise (still don't want any fat pictures of me on the internet) sitting next to my rosemary bush and aloe plant been doing a lot of gardening lately we painted the outside of the property recently and the painters dripped their paint all over my herbs can't use any of them now had to replant all of them i got a lemon grass plant near my park recently been looking for one for ages we call it fevergrass here and brew it for fevers my parents were the type who would quicker go out into the back yard for bush medicine instead of running to the doctor or pharmacy when we got sick and you know what? When i got sick recently i was craving one of my dad's concoctions so i'm looking to create my own back yard medicine/herb garden right now i and am looking for some basil and thyme seeds.

I love gardening its really relaxing a good way to destress.