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Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Sorry no news to tell did not get to meet my blog friend yet he had a death in his family and i feel funny about meeting him now he's here for a while so who knows we spoke on the phone today though so we'll see.....promise to tell all if we do meet.

Took my son to campus with me today and boy he wore me out i have a math exam on wednesday and one of my school mates wanted to study i warned him that we wouldn't get anything done with my son there he's 23 and was girl just bring the boy it will be fun yeah right! what do you know about six year olds...

Anyway we get there around 10am me lugging a bag full of school books and toys and books and snacks for my son ( i need to get my drivers licence soon getting too old for this) and we settle down in an empty room we didn't dare use the library.... give my son his books and organize him.
Fifteen minutes lather he wants to go to the bathroom ok so we go..... then settle him down again then its mom i'm hungry ok its almost 11am so we take a break for lunch he insist on bringing one of his trucks that he dropped about ten times on our way to the roti shop hmmmm we return for lunch we eat and of course trips to the bathroom to wash hands and ok after lunch he has all his snacks and we start to 'study' and he's bored he's done all the writing he could do in one day and i beg him honey don't say anything for the next five minutes close yuh mouth.....of course he has to come ask me mommy if i have to yawn yuh mean i can't open my mouth?....i can't lie he cracked me up with that one........ the next thing mommy i need to go 't-o-w t-o-w' thats his code for 'two two' we go to the bathroom and of course its then i figure out he just likes playing with the hand dryer and is not really interested in using the bathroom at all when i get back to my friend he's like ...........girl its 1pm lets do this another time and i'm like i warned you that its impossible to study with a six year old around but you didn't listen..... so now i get to travel back home with my heavy bag and a tired child and of course i still haven't been able to get any rest or studying done because he gets to take a nap and wake up revived and wants to take his bike to the park........... and on my return from the park i get a message from some police constable who wants me to still come in and make a report about the incident i blogged about pressuureeee...........this thing just won't go away it was even written up about in one of our newspapers they didn't say our names though thank God...........

so thats what my day was like today........i need a miracle to pass that exam on wednesday i'm just so tired mentally and physically and killing time blogging instead of studying.


Blogger Jdid said...

get to studying then
good luck tomorrow

9:15 AM  
Anonymous njoke said...

You are stronger than you know! Alot of people faced with your challenges would stay in bed with the covers pulled over their head. But in this one blog entry you described how you are giving your all to be a good student and mother.
keep up the good work!
And sometimes you do need to clear your head (which often looks like procrastination) before you can get down to the business of dont feel bad about blogging

12:39 PM  
Blogger Abeni said...

Good luck on the exam.

9:37 PM  
Blogger Stunner said...

That's 6 year old kids for you! LOL! Study hard and all the best for your exams.

11:54 PM  
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