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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Need to rant.....................

There is this part in Bridget Jones Diary where she says when one aspect of your life is going great another must go bad and it seems to be true.

Here I am going on about my marriage and my girlfriend the one who I was suppose to go see the Chippendales with she tells me she is doing a Jessica and filing for divorce and wants me to help her find an appartment and I feel so helpless and mad and confused that I don't know what to do.

Her husband asked me to talk to her and all I really want to do is punch him in the stomach and tell him he's a prick and lets see if he's going to get another woman to mine his three kids and put up with his shit the way she has been.

Imagine he told her that she's not in his league anymore, they were at a party and she asked him if he would make a move on her now if he was single and saw her for the first time and he told her no because she is not in his league anymore.

WTF is wrong with him since when it was ok to insult your wife you fat big belly short piece of s**t oh I am so mad the answer to that question is yes even if you have to lie you stupid prick hole.

I have this male friend who did the same thing he said he did it to get his wife to lose weight I mean she was not even fat and believe me I know what fat is she just had their second child and he got mad one day and told her when exactly is she planning to lose the baby weight well she DID join the gym and DID lose the weight but guess what he followed her one day and she was having a cosy lunch with a doctor friend that frightened the shit out of him he said he woke up and smelled the coffee big time and started appreciating what he had because he realised that she had options too and he could not compete with a rich doctor serves him right.

I have never seen my girlfriend this stressed she cries at the drop of a hat and I have one more exam to prepare for so most of my consoling has been by phone.

I don't get it at all I am so angry what is up with these expectations men have of women and this whole thing is affecting my marriage too because.... well I have to tell the truth I blew up at my husband because he kept complimenting a friend of ours infront of me because she just got her hair done but he kept going on and on about it and I losed it and told him that if he wants I could forget about the bills and take $600. and go get my f...king hair done too yes I know I was wrong...... but its like when was the last time you complimented me on my hair like that how dare you go on and on about her hair with me right there lord......I need to breathe....... I have issues I should be studying for an exam on monday but I have to get this off my chest I wonder sometimes if my husband thinks the same way as my girlfriend's husband lord knows I ain't the woman he married 7 years ago and no matter how much weight I lose I will NEVER look like that EVER again but you know what I wouldn't want a superficial prick for a husband anyway so f...k him if thats how he thinks.

......I don't cuss in real life only in my head..........

I read
this post by Sienna lord I need to email it to my friend Sienna girl thanks for posting this your timing is amazing blogs do serve a purpose after all.


Blogger CoolDestiny said...

Some men are pricks and take the women in their life for granted. Hope things work out for your friend and don't let it have too great an impact on your marriage. Everyone situation's different.

2:31 AM  
Blogger Abeni said...

My best friend is having a divorce too.Been together 10 yrs and married for 5(we are 26 yrs old)and hussy said to her he doesn't have time for a wife as its all about his career(doctor).Was I mad? Yes,but I told her she got all her life ahead so just move on and start doing some things for herself.

7:16 AM  
Blogger Stunner said...

Sorry to hear about your friend's dilema. Can't really coment for or against, cause I don't know what's going on behind closed doors. But if she has done no wrong on her part and he is behaving like that then he is a prick and disrespectful, cyaan think dat much more seh dat to yuh wife! Idiat ting dat!

7:28 AM  
Blogger Jdid said...

you realize you shouldnt be (1) making your friends issues your own and (2) taking them out on your husband.

same way some men are pricks some women do bad things too so one should not generalize about the sexes just because one dude is giving his wife a bad time.

11:35 AM  
Blogger Mad Bull said...

Heres the thing. You're getting all worked up over your friend and her problems and in two twos, she'll be back with her husband and cussing you out because of all those names you called him. Let them work out their differences on their own.

11:44 AM  
Blogger Dr. D. said...

I'm not taking up for anyone here, but will say that there are two sides to every story. Maybe the guy is prick...maybe he isn't...

Don't allow what is happening to your friend to affect your marriage. That should not take place.

5:08 PM  
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