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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Marriage part II............

I am so in love with my husband these days I can't keep my hands off him its like we have fallen in love again and its great I don't know whats triggered it who cares anyway. I am so happy now a days today some guys from school called because I haven't been going I mean exams are next week its too late to learn anything else at this stage and they accused me of ditching school to get busy with the husband and yes i'm guilty but thats not their business so I lied and told them i've been studying so much that i don't have energy to go to school which is kinda true i really don't have the energy ha ha ha.

There's this guy who interferes with me most mornings on my way home he tells me things like doodoo keep the bed warm as soon as husband leaves i'll join you he's an old retired man who walks his dogs early in the morning so i don't mind its nice that he looks out for me well he saw me with my husband and the next day he tells me that guy is your husband? he's a great guy I won't ever interfere with you again girl hold on to that man thats how its alway is even my own family will disown me if I mess up my marriage.

Anyway i've been thinking about marriage because of the Jessica & Nick saga and I am sure one of the problems in their marriage was outside interference you know well meaning people like the in-laws giving you stupid advice.

Here are some classic ones my husband and I got in 7 years of marriage.

1. Don't ever give your husband a pedicure because he will kick you afterwards. I don't understand this one at all but a girlfriend told me this when she found out that i sometimes give him pedicures.

2. You can't make more money than your man his ego won't be able to take it and he'll leave you this is silly because my plan is to make so much money that husband could retire early and be my sex slave thats my 5 year plan.

3. If you don't hurry up and get a job she is going to leave you (thats what my mother-in-law told my husband when he was unemployed and down and out ) Oh gosh man if she tried to know me she would have known that I did not marry him for his job i was so mad.

4. Girl you can't get your degree it will mash up your marriage..... i don't know why people think a degree is such a big deal to me its not i think a degree in living is a more valuable than from any university it doesn't mean you are smarter than anybody my husband loves airplanes his aunt tells me he used to sit outside and wait for the planes to fly over their house and guess what he does for a living he fixes airplanes he can fix anything as a matter of fact how many people could say in their lifetime they are doing exactly what they dreamed of as a child I love that about him he's doing exactly what he dreamed and he's very good at it. I know alot of socalled educated people who can't do half of what he does or even understand half of what he does or can say they are happy and fulfilled in their profession.

5. Girl when you first moved here.....(farse neighbour) you were so skinny what happened to you if you keep this up husy will leave you. (This one I am guilty of stressing over but you know what hes put on weight too and you don't hear people telling him stupid things) i just learned to ignore certain people.

Another sign its Christmas i'm making silly lists for everything.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

ok ok ok its Christmas......

This is how I know its Christmas in TnT....

You lose the ability to control your spending I went to the mall with $300. to buy a gift for my son to take to a birthday party I planned to spend only $100. I saw a pink purse so decided to get it $115 then the cashier says if you buy one other item you get a half off so go look around take your time store clerks are so nice too around this time the next thing you know my son has a whole new outfit to wear to the party his cousin got one too because you can't buy for one and not the other and i got a hangbag thats .....arm lets just say its not my style at all husy took one look at it and i just said i bought it for my mom and I had to get a card and wrapping paper the card cost $10.00 could you believe? next time son will be making his own card and I ended up getting a card for my girlfriend because I feel guilty since i've been so busy with school forgot to mail it one time and am sure will never get sent now lets just do the math shall we I spent about 40mins in the mall came with $300. and left with exactly $10. well less since its $2.50 to travel home at least its not as bad as in the past I have been known to have to walk home because I spent all my money and was too ashamed to call anyone or the classic go home to get my credit card to go back to spend money on something because I just had to have it. Whoo thank God I am more mature (getting retrenched and being unemployed for over a year helped too)and have a little bit more control in my spending but these are the things I saw in that 40mins that have been haunting me since that mall visit....

1. Sony Digital camera $4000.00

2. Seiko watch for husband $999.00

3. Remote control truck for son $439.00

4. Pogo stick for son $250.

5. ipod $1999.00

6. opal necklace and earring set @$300.

Total - $7987.00!!!

The amount of grey hairs I saved myself by not buying any of those things priceless!! Oh lawd i'm so funny sometimes I crack myself up should do a comercial.

Sunday, November 27, 2005


First I have to congratulate Brian Lara for his record breaking performance yesterday in Australia the man is amazing the guy on the radio said he went over the border. I think its a cricket joke which i did not get what a month for Trinidad and sports 16th November 2005 Soca Warriors qualify for the world cup and now 26th November 2005 Brian Lara break some test cricket record great.

I'm on the lookout for a new template I found this blog she is ah trini too and she used the colours of our national flag to do her blog design very impressive and now I want to do something like that so you might see some changes around here lord I hope i ein't do some schupidness and mess up meh blog.

I have no energy today I am on a detox for the day yesterday my sister brought some chicken roti and I ended up eating not once not twice i'm ashamed to say and then later in the night husy bought home some geera pork and I ended up eating some and pork makes my skin breakout my chest and back gets these buttons and marks so today I am drinking orange peel tea and crix hoping to get that junk food out of my system especially the pork i have a Christmas dinner in a few weeks and can't afford to get these anoying things on my skin oh why did I have to eat the dam thing I have no self control what so ever.

I don't know how i expect to look hot in my costume next year if i can't get a grip on my eating and i am missing my treadmill my sister took it home friday and the empty space in the library makes me sad i've had it for 8 years and now i miss it and husy thinks we should buy an exercise bike instead of a treadmill and my dam sister called twice for the morning telling me she doesn't understand how to use the thing ah feel to just take it back.

Anyway i'm blogging about nonsence today probably lack of food need to go rest.

Friday, November 25, 2005


I was going to say speechless but made up that word.

Today I did my friday tradition met my husband at the park where our son has football (soccer) practice and you know since we qualified for the world cup now we watch to see if he could be ah next member of the Soca Warriors team it's real fun the coach is hilarious these little 5 and 6 year olds running after a ball and they always do the opposite of what he asks he blows the wistle alot.

Anyway I took Tony's blook with me haven't been able to put it down since I started reading and low and behold I happened to read the last page and saw my name my real name not my blog name I squealed like a little girl and of course I showed it to the husband and of course his question to me was you sure its you it could be someone else his pin couldn't burst my bubble I know its me he meant and this is the best thing anyone has ever done for me I mean in your lifetime what are the chances of someone thanking you in their book ever? at all? ever? slim!

Tony Pierce I love you, my husband is glad that you live in LA, thank you for your kindness and you know I have to get more copies with the other cover designs for my grandchildren.

You can get a copy of his blook by clicking on the pics to your left. I highly recommend it.

Thursday, November 24, 2005


I answered my phone at home this morning as if I were at work Hello! so and so department how can I help you! Thank God it was a fellow student who knows what i'm going thru so he did not tease me too much the tiredness has eased up a bit I finally got some sleep.

Today a radio program did a show where you could call in and say what you are thankful for it was really great this lady made my eyes sparkle because she said a young man stopped next to her on the highway and told her to be extra careful driving because its the holiday season and people drive crazy here and she said he made her cry because coming from a young person who was concerned for her safety she said there is hope for the next generation and she called to say she was thankful for that and for the good young people around and I know what she means we younger folk get a beating and get blamed for all the evils in these times crime goes up its the youth you know what ah mean?

Anyway I had to blog about Machel Montano most of my caribbean readers must have heard of him he is from my generation an entertainer singing since he was a little boy if you ever get to go to a Machel Montano concert go you will have the time of your life so much energy love him I saw him this year at the Tobago Jazz festival and he was great so if you like you can visit his site and wish him Happy Birthday because today is his birthday he is 31 I think.

Can't wait to hear what he has planned for carnival 2k6.


Its 3:11am and ah can't sleep but i'm too tired to study boy its been three days since i've had a proper nights sleep.

Yesterday I fell asleep in a math class its this close to final exams and this lecturer is still teaching anyway one of my class mates woke me why? Because as he put it I was embarassing him that what your friends do more concern about his shame than mine. I think I was snoring I was so tired that I left early and came home to catch up on some sleep and still haven't slept yet my mind just races and focus on all the stuff that i haven't covered yet and how much time I have till exams oh lawdee.

Anyway we started talking today about all the strange things that we have done because of lack of sleep I am famous for puting strange things like the phone or tv remote in the fridge. I once took a maxi taxi (minibus) home and missed my stop ended up in Port of Spain and had to take another one back home. I am also famous for jumping out of bed in a panic geting dressed and head to work on my off day thinking that I had slept for days instead of a few hours, sleep deprivation is the worse one of the guys in my class told me about the time after a double shift he drove all the way home got out the car to open his front gate got back into his car and fell asleep in his car and his mother found him like that in the morning with the car running and everything that one I think is scary.

What to do? what to do? this is too much stress. I guess i should find my most boring text book and read it the thing is I am sure today I would have no problems sleeping during a lecture but tonight with a warm bed to crawl into the sleep is just not coming.

Happy Thanksgiving to any one reading from the US i love Thanksgiving wish i could hop a plane right now and go eat some deep fried Turkey.

Oh and Tony Pierce sent me a signed copy of his blook Stiff see the side bar I got the one with the black cover he is such a great guy put a nice message in it for me I know I go on about him but he is my blogging hero he turned me on to blogging and he's such a great writer and you have to appreciate and respect people with talent like his so thank you Tony.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Doing the right thing...

I went to the Miss World website to vote for the girl who is representing my country and realised that you had to pay $1US and I haven't done it I am wondering now what is the point to this charging people to choose a miss world representative who knows i have time i might change my mind i just wonder if its the right thing to do and why are they charging people is the money going to charity or is it to make someone rich.

If you want to see the Miss Trinidad and Tobago representative go here.
Also i love the Barbados girl because she seem to be wearing her hair in dreadlocks check her out here.

This seems to be a thing with me these days I saw a girl driving her car in a car park this week and she hit a car trying to park and she just drove off and i stood there and did nothing i did not report it and its been bothering me i know i should have done something i don't know like leave a note and say this person driving this car hit your car of course now i can't remember her number and of course its too late to do anything about it but its still on my mind.

The thing is from where i stood i did not see any damage on the car just the bumber got hit but i still feel bad about this must do better next time.

Friday, November 18, 2005


I found this at Hassan's blog a fellow Trini blogger.

You Passed 8th Grade Math

Congratulations, you got 10/10 correct!
Could You Pass 8th Grade Math

I wish I could get the same result in my math exam oh well we all can't be experts at everything can we?

I can bend over and touch the floor with my palms even though I am overweight used to do gymnastics as a child and i'm still flexible. Isn't that something to be proud of at my age too bad this ability won't help me get my degree.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Still Celebrating!!!!!!

OK I am tired my eyes are red black and white just like our national flag.

Its a holiday today the Soca warriors holiday.

I can't remember the last time I cried so much every time I see the goal on tv I cry any time someone call to tell me about their experience I cry my poor son loosed his second baby tooth yesterday and I cried.

My girlfriend says she gave a guy a bad drive on the highway and they spent a minute being nice to each other he said doh mine dat go ahead and she told him to go ahead and they stood there for a minute being so nice I hope this thing what ever it is that's in the air lasts a long long time.

We went to eat dinner at our neighbourhood chinese restaurant and they ran out of local beer and when people complained the chinese owner craked us up when she kept saying I don't know why you drink so much? She obviously don't know us trinis any excuse to party.

We stood on the pavement of the main road and waited for hours to see the Soca Warriors pass it was so much fun its like carnival in November so much happiness all around its like they say in our anthem every creed and race coming together.

This is what our country needs I saw reruns of the goal on fox sports and they said we are the smallest nation to get into the world cup 1.2 million people but I was thinking we might be small but we not letting that hold us back.

Thanks to you guys who visited my blog and left good luck wishes to the footballers and yes its true I think this victory is a victory for all caribbean people not just Trinbagonians.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

WE WON!!!!!!

we won the match Trinidad and Tobago is going to the world cup in 2006!!!!!

Oh gosh it is total mayhem here car horns are blaring everywhere there is a car with a boom box driving round the neighbourhood right now blaring music I am so happy I could scream.

I did not see the match after the first few minutes I was sick in my stomach so we turned the tv off and did other things hussy and I both had the day off today and when we heard the neighbours cheering we turned the tv back on so now its celebration time.

We going to Germany!!! Well done Soca Warriors!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Blame it on the weather..............

I miss blogging so much so much is going on these days can't wait for exams to be over with so that my life could start back.

I have to say this my husy thinks that studying is making me extra horny and its only last night I realised it he says I wake him up in the middle of the night every time i have had to study for an exam stopped me in my tracks I really did not notice this and since I have called him willy wanker on my blog its only fair to admit this he said he caught me wanking off a few nights ago and he did not say anything until last night I am still embarassed he described everything down to the last detail what i was doing he came home early from work and i can't believe that i did not hear him our steps are very noisy but he stood by the bedroom door and did no say a thing and me I had no clue so now he's blown my cover and I can never deny that I do that and boy is he having a good time over this but the thing is I don't think I have ever said that I don't do that its just that I prefer the real thing but he says for as long as we've been together he never thought I did that me I am blaming it on the weather it has been raining a lot these days the nights are freezing cold I am sure one of these days we in the tropics will experience winter weather I mean its so cold at night and the rain won't stop its causing serious flooding in this country.

Anyway I need to catch up on my fellow bloggers I decided to take a break today I have a math exam tomorrow that I need a miracle to help me pass but I am done stressing over it I need a break so I am staying home and lounging around today I need this just a day of time wasting and blogging is on my top 5 things to do today.

Friday, November 11, 2005


No Mad Bull I haven't dissappeared its just that I am so swamped with school that I just can't blog like I used to its only temporary until final exams in December.

Yesterday I had to swallow tears in a math class it was a revision class for an exam next week and I was just not getting stuff and the lecturer said that you don't need to buy a 7lb math book to understand and I felt bad because I have been one of those who bought that 7lb math book and it has been helpful.

I felt like a duncy head yesterday I hired a math tutor and have been not too honest with him because he teaches above my head and I am too embarassed to tell him this because I don't want him to know how little I know yes I need help and its costing me a lot of money I have to meet him in the next hour and I am scared to tell him this.

I don't feel as bad today as I did yesterday because I saw Oprah and she told some kids that education is the key so she kinda reminded me why I am on this journey also I was helping my son with his homework last night and he was getting very frustrated becasue he had to write a music symbol a treble clef I think and I told him that not everything is going to come easy somethings you have to practice and practice to get it right then I stoped and said girl you need to practise what you preach life is funny like that isn't it.

So I spent the night studing math just one topic in the 10 that I have to understand and yes I am slow and my brains are old and filled with cobwebs but I am trying my best and hope and pray that I don't fail any exams I can think of about only maybe 2 exams I have ever failed in my school life and I think thats what gets me down the most the fact that things are usually so easy for me but this I think is one of my biggest challenge and I am truly afraid of failure.

I can't blog as often because i have been known to just check in on my blog and end up spending whole night reading blogs instead of studing so somedays to protect myself I just don't even visit my page to fight the temptation but as I said its only until final exams I still love blogging and reading blogs.

Oh and please wish my my countries football team the Soca Warriors good luck tomorrow they have a crucial worldcup qualifier match with Bahrain and we need to win this so please if you could get to see it where you are watch it and wish them luck.

I think it starts at 6pm.

Monday, November 07, 2005


Thats what my scale keeps saying these days and I want to believe it but I can't I am giving it one more week and then I'll accept it can't believe this new eating plan that Trouble told me about is working so well I can't figure it out at all I don't know where my motivation is coming from because I was off track for a while and now I am sticking to my plan.

I wore a denim skirt that I haven't been able to get past my hips in ages it feels great to lose weight finally to be in the 60's yesterday my sister and mom came over and they bought Hoseins roti with the works curry chicken, mango anchar,potato,channa and they tried to get me to eat it and I can't lie I wanted to eat it so bad but I had already eaten my steam veggies and I am thankful that there was no leftovers because I am not too sure I could have been strong.

This morning I was able to see the runners in the UWI half marathon and now I feel so bad because I think I should have participated and promised myself that next year I will be one of those runners I saw all kinds of people running I was inspired especially by this handicapped guy his pace was impressive and I'm thinking if he's not letting his disability keep him from running whats my excuse.

I love Christmas especially since I became a parent but one of my neighbors put up their Christmas decorations today and I was wonder did I miss something? I haven't even started hearing Christmas music on the radio yet and if they do this their house will look stale by the time Christmas comes around me I like to do everything the night before put up new curtains, paint,clean,cook all the night before and on Christmas day you are so exhausted you sleep the whole day well thats how we do it.

Have a great week.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Kids these days......

I had this conversation with my 5 year old son today...

So you're dad told me that you and Sandy are married?

Yeah we kissed and we're married?

Kissed where?

On my cheek.

Oh but what happended to Krista I thought she was your girlfriend?

Well she kissed Wally so she can't be my girlfriend anymore?


I changed the names but can't believe that we have to have the talk about girls already he's only five what does he know, he thinks when you kiss a girl she becomes your wife because as he put it mommy you and daddy kiss and you are married I guess thats his 5 year old reasoning.

My girlfriend called me to tell me that her 13 year old son has been going to school without underwear I told her thats what they call going commando its the first time she has ever heard of it I don't think its a big thing but then I have no idea what the kids these days are into but is it bad that he does that? I did not know what to tell her I guess she just has to have a talk with him.

Sorry for the short post but am in exam mode these days.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Does this happen to anyone else? The diamonds in my wedding ring shines real bright on those days when I am thinking naughty thoughts I just noticed that when I told huzy this he said he put a magic spell on my ring the thing is he has a plain band so does that mean I have to be worried because what stops him from doing naughty things hopefully his conscious.

I've been thinking about marriage a lot lately because its in the news a lot these days from Babyface to Gabrielle Union she was in Trinidad last year playing mas even Haille Berry came to Trinidad one carnival its an epidemic the divorce thing I bloged about some friends we met for carnival a long time ago who invited us to their wedding about 2 years ago and now they are getting a divorce we haven't even developed the film from their wedding yet (long story).

What makes a marriage work for some I look around for an example you know of a marriage that I can use as an example of what you should do and there is non not my parents my dad made a mess of things ask him he'll tell you what not to do.

I guess my in-laws my husband's father and stepmother I mean from the outside looking in what have I observed
She makes basically the same meal often for dinner meatballs and spaghetti guaranteed if you visit for diner anytime in the week you will be served this at first I thought maybe that's all she knows how to cook but no its her husbands favorite meal so that's what she makes me I don't think I really know what my husbands favorite thing to eat I should wake him right now and ask him and cook that all the time this is so embarrassing I am bursting my brain trying to think what his favorite meal is.... Terrible wife that I am.

He has his life separate from the hers he plays a lot of golf he goes on tournaments with his pals sometimes in other states I guess they don't need to be up under each other all the time that's it husband needs to pickup some kind of sport will suggest this to him one more reason to wake him.

They take trips together this year they took a cruise to Europe just the two of them so romantic imagine at 60 and still getting it on with the husband.(Have to play the lotto for that one but its been ages since we took a trip together alone shameful our son is 5 and we have not taken a trip anywhere without him must fix that.

I have seen them disagree but never mean with each other and I like that he complains about her shopping and how tiredsome it is but last time we were there for thanksgiving we woke up to them returning from an early morning shopping trip to Macy's even though he complains he still takes her because like me she doesn't drive so adorable when you think about it.

So its not all bad there are good marriages out there I guess they don't make the news as often as the Brad and Jennifer breakup stories these days its easier to throw in the towel as opposed to fight for your marriage note to self.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Happy Divali........

Its a holiday here today Divali the festival of lights celebrated by the Hindus here in Trinidad it signifies the triumph of light over darkness, good over evil well i can't say by the Hindus only i should say by us Trinis because I am sure most Trinis do like i do go visit a friend and take part in the celebrations too light a few deyas too.

I have been hearing bamboo bursting all day today and later on tonight we will go for a walk in the neighbourhood to look at all the lights they put oil in these little things called deyas and line them up and light them beautiful.

I cooked curried chicken today and bought ready made roti yes i don't know how to make it from scratch but could not eat it since i am on this new diet its suppose to be vegetarian no flour and no sugar i love the Indian delicasies especially the sweet ones but I have to do without them this year.

The weather today was perfect early morning shower then perfect sunshine throughout the day perfect for a beach lime but husy had to go to work i really need to get my drivers licences.

This is a holiday week because on friday we celebrate Eid-ul-fitr the Muslim holiday more eating and celebrating.

So Happy Divali to everyone!