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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Goat mouth.......

I hope i don't bore you guys with stories about my mini trip i know how annoying that is I have a friend who came back from France a week now and every time he starts to speak about his trip I cut him short I could be a b**ch sometimes its just my jealousy France is my dream trip and he knows it.

Anyway my trip was AMAZING too many strange things happen that you would not believe we got to Tobago at 1pm and by 2pm we were on the beach Store Bay you have to visit Tobago and Store Bay is right near the airport and you have to taste the curried crab and dumplings its delicious so we rented some chairs and umbrella and I took out my How To Blog book by Tony Pierce which finally arrived in the mail and my son and husband went into the water I am not a beach person more of a shore person we spent all day until it was dark because our son refused to leave the water poor thing we hardly take him to the beach in Trinidad because I don't like Trinidad beaches too nasty and rough.

We got to see Virgin Atlantic triple seven land amazing airplane too big for that tiny airport we took our son to the airport to get a closer look he wants to be a pilot one day and knows about the B777 so it was great that he got to see it.

The friends we were staying by treated us like kings over fed us they had lots of fruit trees and we brought back plums and avocadoes our son had a ball i forgot how much fun it is I grew up in Tobago and climbing trees and picking fruits are the fun things we did growing up my son was fascinated by the chickens running around in the yard they had a cute dog we are not allowed to have animals where we live and he was in heaven he got to feed the chickens and tried to catch them.

We went to the beach first thing friday after a huge breakfast of coconut bake and ham and eggs I am not good with flour so my husband and son enjoyed their meal one day I will take a baking course and learn to make bread and cakes from scratch anyway we took one of those glass buttom boats out to the reef and my husband got out to explore the reef me I was too scared to go out into the water it was too deep for me if ever you take one of these boats take a boat that has two engines the one we were on had one engine and it started sputtering in the middle of the ocean scared the hell out of me i can't swim and my imagination ran away with me also ensure they have snorkeling equipment or bring your own they just had face mask and my husband saw a parrot fish and said you can hear the sounds the fish make when they were eating the corals I just watched from the boat then they took us to the Nylon pool they say it stops the aging process and it was shallow so i got into the water vanity aside and i had a good time crystal clear water my son picked up two teenage girls who kept lifting him up and playing with him i said oh lord its starting already he was in glee and afterwards they served refreshments on the boat and we headed back it was a two hour trip and worth the money.

So here is where things started getting creepy these things happened and when I develop the pictures I will try to post them.

We got back to Store Bay and the first thing we did is go to get something to eat we bought the traditional Tobago lunch stewed chicken, macaroni pie and peas and we ordered some curried crab and dumplings since they were already sold out and we sit to eat lunch guess who shows up with his entourage..... Shaggy Mr. Bombastic himself and guess who got to take a pic me well not me because i was a mess but my son got a pic with him he laughed at our camera because its our son's looney toons camera but it takes great pictures and after we calm down and call everyone we know guess who shows up after?.....wait..... Mr. Brian Lara himself and my son runs up to him and hugs his leg I love him so much my son i mean he is so brave and Brian was so nice he stooped down and spoke to him I don't care what anybody says about Brian he was really nice to us I am sure he would have prefered to be left alone but he was so cool he posed for a picture with our son can't wait to develop this roll of film and we called everyone we know and my twin sister wondered why we did not get his autograph but all i had was my how to blog book and that is for Tony to sign.

Again we left the beach pretty late because or son started crying every time we say its time to leave we got home and had to hustle to get ready for the show my husband decided last minute that he wanted to go as well the show was suppose to start at 7pm we got there at 7:30pm and it was not started yet they arrange shuttles to the venue it was being held at Plymouth very narrow winding road not sure its a good idea when people will be drinking and have to drive that road back any way thats when my goat mouth kicked in in Trinidad they say you have goat mouth when if you say like don't do that you'll cut yourself and two minutes after you cut yourself then they say you have goat mouth don't know where that came from but that was my experience that night every time I say something it happened so there was like a Jazz village set up with people selling art and craft and food it was nice the place was not bad I was impressed and I said I wonder if my favourite artist will be here lets go look low and behold he is there in person I go up to him and started rambling on about how I love him and his art and I have one of his paintings in my living room and I can't afford his originals yet but I am saving for it one day I was talkng rubbish and he said real serious you can't afford my art but you can afford this show? and he made me laugh I said you have a point and the next time I come to Tobago I will visit your studio his name is Martin Superville I have one of his limited edition prints in my living room he paints beautiful women beautifully and i want to be a collector he has a painting called Tobago Girl thats the picture above that I have been looking for a limited edition signed print of and will be buying next anyway i met him and it was great i have to do this post in two parts so i will continue with th concert next.....


Anonymous YingYang said...

Yuh see now you making me want to cut your story short too! Shaggy????? *sob, cry* Oh lordie lordie lordie! Sounds like a great trip. I can't wait for the pictures.

12:51 PM  
Blogger Shotta M said...

Wow sound like you had a fun and celebrity filled trip to Tobago. I like the sound of the place from your description - I hope to check there out someday.

1:00 PM  
Blogger Dr. D. said...

Went Store Bay...bought few souvenirs.

Bakes...wasn't introduced to the concept until in the airport. I must look up that blog about my trip back home from Tobago and link you to it.

Met Shaggy once yute.

Is it the Nylon Pool you referring to? Bwoy, I vex how I never get to tek it een...rain spoil de move.

Not a dumpling the crab and dumplin ting never so thrill me.

Virgin Atlantic...wikid airline...gimme dem anyday over BA. Never seen the 777 though.

2:10 PM  
Blogger smallislandgirl said...

Yeah i had a great time
yeah I think its the nylon pool and bucoo reef can't believe i am from Tobago embarassing i left when i was 7 so i have an excuse
Yeah isn't Shaggy great born performer hope you get to see Tobago again really small island and its easy to explore and the people are so kind and friendly we got loss and a guy actually jumped into the car to give us directions I felt proud to be born there.

2:30 PM  
Blogger Abeni said...

So far so good.I really want to check out Tobago and the Reef and your story just encouraging me more

8:23 PM  
Blogger Jdid said...

shaggy and brian lara all in one day

10:29 PM  
Blogger aarond said...

I love the beaches in Tobago

8:43 PM  
Blogger Yamfoot said...

Agree with what you say about Brian Lara. On the day that they checked in to the hotel in Jamaica, the GM asked him if he would go and say hello to a group of 6-7 year old kids who were spending the day at the hotel. He gladly said yes and went and allowed them to hug him up.

9:23 PM  
Anonymous AJP Crown said...

I was really interested by this post about Goat Mouth. I have a blog that is mostly about goats, I live in Norway. A friend of mine, a blogger in Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean, just started writing about French and creole words they use there but not in France. They say the exact same thing in Mauritius in French -- “la bouche cabri" -- goat mouth, and it means the same as in the Caribbean. I wonder how that happened.

I also really liked what I read of the rest of your blog, it's so well written and so interesting. It's too bad you haven't done any blogging in a while. I hope you come back to it! Do check out what I've written about goat mouth and the comments...

11:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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3:21 PM  
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