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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Ready fi di ride.......................

This is my new favorite song to work out to the lyrics make me blush but the beat makes me push myself when working out its Shaggy here are some of the lyrics......

Put up yuh one cause yuh ready fi di ride (Uh Huh!)
yuh waan a man to point yuh heels to di sky Uh Huh!)
run outta breath and break sweat through di night Uh Huh!)
gal dem a sighhhhhhh
yuh waaan a man fi mek whole heap a noise Uh Huh!)
bite yuh lip and roll up yuh eyes Uh Huh!)
grit yuh teeth cau yuh pleased wid di size Uh Huh!)
gal dem a sighhhhhhhh

hehehehe I love this song I first heard it in the gym and had to get a copy of it now I play it on my walkman when I run Shaggy this song is something else.

Well at least I am losing weight I weighed yesterday and I am down by 3 lbs I am only going to weigh once a week.

Cause I never knew love like this before......

Remember the Brown Sugar cd by D'angelo?

That cd was the first gift my husband ever bought for me it was a valentines gift and I did not even have a cd player back then I will always love the songs on that cd I still have the rose he bought for me its brown now and pressed in an album but I will never throw it away.

When the man you've been with for over 10 years can still pull tricks out of his sleeve that make you wake up your child in the middle of the night then he's a keeper, baby I don't know where you learned to do what you did last night but keep it up and you can have whatever you want for your birthday.

Today is a holiday 43rd Independence when we achieved independence from British rule in 1962 and its celebrated with a parade in Port of Spain where all the service men police army put on a show I have never been to see it though too lazy to get up so early and journey all the way in to town so we usually watch it on tv and tonight there is a fire works display around the Queens park savannah its nice to go into POS and see the display its just that there are so many cars in this country now that you will be stuck in traffic for hours after.

Happy Independence Trinidad and Tobago!

Tony blogged about the US media's coverage of the hurricane disaster yesterday its really anoying yet still I can't stop watching the news and crying my prays are for the people who this morning woke up in the middle of this and have to deal with such loss.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


I am taking my cod liver oil gel caps this morning and I wish I could put some kind of coating over my heart so that things don't affect me so much I get this prickly feeling whenever someone does something to hurt my feelings.

My best girlfriend treats me like her outside man when her husband is around and it hurt we were talking on the phone and her husband says yuh talking to she again and she cut me off and hung up and it hurt so much when he is offshore we are the best of friends but once he's around I get cut off and I hate it and I want to get mad and tell her this friendship is over the party is over but I know me if the phone rings right now I will speak to her and it hurts so much.

Ilove her we have been thru a lot but I can't be swithed on and switched off like a light bulb this is so messed up.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Ah vex...................

Ah vex when ah tell yuh ah vex we went an register in the band and ALL the good sections sellout that is the section ah end up playing in ah wanted to cry we spend two hours in the sun and rain and when we number call the only sections remaining were the ugly ones.
This is Fan Coral the trouble we does ha to go thru to play mas it eh bad but ah was so set on the Parrot fish real people go be cussing when they findout the band sell out in less than 5 days.

I ent care ah still going and play me mas even though ah go be looking like a sponge that eh stopping we.

The trini in me eh go let ah ting like that spoiling me carnival.

Al yuh did see Rianna on MTV last night and the set ah Trini flags people was waving when Ludacris was performing?

We reach yes we gone international now.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Remind me again............

I put this picture up to remind me again why I am in pain from doing an old Cindy Crawford tape this morning my neck my back my waist and legs are in so much pain I can't even laugh I have to chuckle oh the things we do in the name of vanity.

I have to look good in my costume no matter what but why oh why does it have to hurt so much.

I have 100% respect for people who can do this I mean the guys here at work cooked curry duck and roti for lunch today and me I had to refuse it they made it with coconut milk even had to run for cover in the ladies because the smell was killing me.

I brought chicken and pasta salad and had to eat that all to fit in that dam costume.

Ok note to self: Whah doh kill yuh go meke yuh stronger.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Birthday wishes.............

Oh gosh Katrina why you bad so you make my job real hard today I ein't get to blog even.

Send some love to Naked Boy who lives in Florida and was affected by the hurricane.

In exactly one month from today I will be 33 yes ah getting old and I am finally getting what I always wanted a proper bachelorette party.

I have never had a party in my life but this year my girlfriend and I are planning a proper party with two male strippers and it has gotten out of hand already because so many girls want to come.

I won't give the time and date here because I don't want no police raiding the venue and arresting us though that will make a really good story.

My husband had a great bachelor party I know because I helped plan it it was huge he got two strippers we were living together at the time and I spent the weekend at my moms the plan was they will clean up and leave no evidence of what took place but low and behold I get a phone call the morning after he was sick when I got there the house was a mess and I got him to spill his guts so I know he had a great time but me my friends did not know how to plan one had no clue that you could find male strippers in Trinidad.

So this year its time we already have the number of two willing and able guys I can't wait.

Have a great weekend you all.

Thursday, August 25, 2005


What's living for?

If its only to put in time........

To live to some artificial standard age?

To be ready for that last great day?

We've wasted our life.

If we don't do anything to be there for others.

When they need us....

We've really wasted our lives.

These are not my words I found it in the newspaper its an Encanka quote but it moved me because the timing couldn't be better for me.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Fear is ruling my life.

It prevents me from getting my drivers licences.

It prevents me from swimming in the deep end of the pool.

It made me wait till the last minute to go register for school today.

I have to be truthful I got accepted to study in UWI last year and I dropped out
and this is my second try.

I was unemployed and down in 2003 and every job I wanted was given to a degree holder.

So I applied for the third time to UWI and was finally accepted I was so high but I overdid the celebration and freaked my husband out i think.

He was given an opportunity to work abroad that year and spent the majority of last year abroad but when school started I begged him not to go this time because I knew it would be hard to balance he still left for the US the Saturday before school started it was devastating especially when I found out that he was given the option of working here but chose to go instead.

I was proud of the fact that for the 8 weeks that he was away I did not miss a class I worked at night my mom came over at nights I took my son to school in the mornings headed straight to classes and was doing fine one saturday I was even awarded a pass mark by a lecturer for showing dedication for coming out on a Saturday to finish a project I was happy and felt like my life was going somewhere for a change the only dark spot was the feelings of guilty on those days when I had to pick up my son from kindergarden and he was the last child there and when I think of my husband runing out on me when I really needed him but like my boss told me I tend to come across very capable and a person sometimes doesn't know when I am under pressure but my thing is there is such a thing as empathy and all you have to do is put yourself in that person's shoes and wonder can I do that too?

Anyway he came back without money used up in hotel and expenses and the first time he goes out to work he falls and breaks his hand so bad he spent three weeks in the hospital and had to do surgery and I ended up dropping out of school because I had lot of ups and downs with him in the hospital his company fired him he had no insurance and no money and I had to visit him and do all the things you do for a sick person and take care of our son and still work it took him four months to recover and it was too much my heart was broken I did not think I will ever be here again happy and be given a second chance but someone told me to go back to school and explain what happened and I did and they gave me a second chance but my fear of the questions from the other students and embarasement kept me from going back until today and it was not so bad one of my lecturers put it this way he said this is not a race of the swiftest but of endurance and he says if you want it bad you won't let pride or anything get in the way of what you want and today was not so bad I met a few of the students from last year some have to do over subjects and it was not so bad so my journey begins again.

My husband says he is commited this time and promises to give me all the support that I need only time will tell but I am better prepared and trying to put all the negative thought out of my head its going to work out I am going to graduate.

I am going to do this no matter what.

Monday, August 22, 2005


Why is it that a stupid picture could affect you to the point where you say honey please take the lights off tonight and stop look at my butt like that?

Its day two already and I still feel fat fat fat.

I asked my husband what he wanted for his birthday next month and he said a professional BJ or a bling bling car dam ass.

I might take him up on his first request since school will be starting soon and I have to hire a professional to clean my house so I may as well hire a professional for him too.

Yamfoot asked in her blog yesterday "if you know who's reading, do you change what you normally blog about?"

I think about that all the time if someone I know reads this how will I write?

I tend to say too much in my real life anyway I am working on that I remember when I first dated my husband I told all my girlfriends how big his you know what was and did not think it was going to be a problem until one of them mentioned it to him he was so embarassed poor thing I do have a big mouth and I try not to talk about my job too much or really really personal stuff.

Bob Marley said only your friends know your secret so only he could reveal it and that is so true so I only put things on here that I want to and if people know its no big deal and I am truthful as possible and I use the delete key a lot.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Fat gyal..................

I got back the pictures from my Tobago trip and I can't figure out how to scan them but I left the negatives to be converted to cd format so when I get that I'll put them here my son looked cute but I could not believe how fat I look it made me depressed yesterday I mean you know you are fat when you try on your clothes and realise they don't fit anymore but pictures tell you how really fat you are and I couldn't recognise myself and I am so down what made me think I could play mas and fit into a sexy costume I pulled out my photo album to remind myself that I onced looked good ages ago I can't believe how I look if I was a man I wouldn't even do me I asked my DH this yesterday and he learned a long time ago to ignore those kind of questions my favourite picture of myself is one of me in a white bikini on the beach I had just started dating my husband and my breasts and hips got bigger and I looked so sexy in that picture I stuck it on the fridge last night to stop me eating junk and to remind me of what I could look like.

I don't feel any different though I feel normal I mean I can run I was running up some steps and I actally heard a woman say I used to be able to run like that I felt proud my husband's pop up and say hello stills pop up often I so love that term now I am going to kill it I feel sexy I mean I am at work now but I can't wait to go home and hump him but I am fat fat fat the pictures don't lie.

Starting today diet and exercise program I have six months to lose 50lbs which is doable I have done it before so I can do this I want to play mas next year and no way am I going to play looking like this fat fat fat.

Saturday, August 20, 2005


I am drinking a hot cup of blackcurrant, ginseng & vanilla herbal tea no sugar its all I could find in the cupboard here at work.

I wonder if its possible to have a hangover even if you did not drink alcohol?
My girlfriend calls me just as I am leaving work yesterday and says we are going to club 51 Degrees tonight I had to run to the mall to get something to wear I wore a white sleeveless top and pink skirt and I was wearing my favourite pushup bra it makes my breast come up to my chin and gives me killer cleavage.

Anyway we've never been to this club before because they have a guestlist at the door and I have no idea how you get on that list but we looked hot so we just walked up to the entrance the guy asked if we are on the list and my girlfriend says no we were suppose to meet some friends here but they are not answering their cell maybe they are inside already he said ok and we were in yeah unbelievable.

So we ordered virgin coladas and just flirted with the cute boys they all seem so young though or are we getting old?

But the DJ was really good DJs High Fidelity and Less Than Zero they played a great mix and before you know it we had to go back to the car for our comfortable shoes and we had a ball I was flirting the whole night with this tall rasta ohweee! he looked good I seem to have a thing for rastas tall skinny dark and hair to his shoulders we did not want to leave she met some guy who was rumored to have a huge pop up and say hello ha ha ha I got that from Sex and The City I love it we kept looking at him poor fella must have felt like a slab of meat last night.

They played Alison Hinds song Roll It Gyal...I love it that song is my anthem.

We left around 2am because I had to be at work for 6am its going to be long day today.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Pay it forward........

I know I tend to go on about Tony Pierce but he is my favourite blogger and I haven't gotten tired of his blog and you have to agree he is a cool guy anyway I ordered his book great book by the way and by some flooks I got two copies believe me I felt so lucky this week that I did join a line and played the lotto so if you hear a scream from Trinidad you know I won so I decided to give the book to anyone of you guys who visit here and who ever wants it I was going to do a quiz like if you know his birthday and how old he is you get it but of course with the internet all a person has to do is google that so my criterio is that you just have to really want the book and not have a copy already.

Just email me with your address and I will send it to whoever wants it it is a great book.
You can also get it from

Thursday, August 18, 2005


My carnival band Tribe had its launch this weekend its theme for Carnival 2006 is What Lies Beneath my two favourite sections are Nylon pool and Parrot Fish what a coincidence that I bathe in the Nylon Pool this weekend anyway take a look at the sections and help me decide I prefer Parrot fish because the swimsuit will hide my belly which I am selfconcious about and I love the Nylon Pool colours so this weekend my girlfriends and I are going to register if you don't register early you may not get to play in the sections you want because the best sections sell out early so if you guys want to play mas in Trinidad next year its February 27th - 28th and you can register online.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


My new favourite show on tv is Weeds not because of the weed smoking but because I live in a town house community and we have some characters like that I mean the other day one of my neighbours came up to me and in a snotty voice asks "I see you haven't put in airconditioning yet how are you making out in this heat?" and I felt I could ring her neck. Mine your dam business.

We are not rich we bought early before the property was built but some of the people who live here feel they are rich and have this anoying elitist way I can't stand it one neightbour fell out with another because she forgot her garden hose outside and she accused her of lowerering the property value a garden hose lowerering the property value how stupid can you be most times I stay out of their way I can't wait to hit the lotto and sell this house or rent it the only great thing is the yard space our son has all this space to ride his bike and I can run up and down the property if I am not in a treadmill mood.

And not all the neighbours are like that my favourite neighbour she travels a lot and you know when she is back because she always have a party she is crazy and plays her music loud best cd collection that I have ever seen and last year she came knocking on our door new years morning woke us up to share this huge bottle of champaign I love her and she is like me hate false people the ones who tell you what they do for a living before you even get their names and think what kind of car you drive define who you are.

Me I prefer to live within my means I will aircondition my house only when I could afford it ceiling fans do wonders for the heat I ein't taking no loan and driving no expensive car to impress nobody.
I just have to remember to buy lotto tickets.

Monday, August 15, 2005


My son kicked my husband in the groin yesterday they were playing football in the back yard but this evening while we were at the supermarket he asked him infront of everyone 'Daddy your piggy working?'
So embarassing my husband and I did not know what to say.

Isn't it typical that after a fun weekend reality hits you when you are having fun.

I got my registration package from UWI today and its time to get serious school starts in a couple weeks and I have to organise my study area.

Please God don't make me make a fool of myself going back to school and trying to get a degree at this stage in my life I feel so old it takes me forever to read a serious book I much prefer romance novels, right now I am reading Sin City by Harrold Robbins and its the illicit sex thats keeping my interest how am I going to do this?

Why did I open my big mouth and tell everyone I know about UWI? So that if I fail they will all know. Oh the shame.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Goat mouth II .......................

Its obvious that I am not tek sauvy I don't know how to collapse a long post I see other bloggers do it all the time like Mad Bull but I can't figure out how to do that so bear with me this is part II of my previous post.

So we get to the concert and walk around a bit and noticed that people walked with chairs no one told us to do that wish we had known because it started at 8pm we left at 4am and it was still going on so walk with chairs and wear comfortable shoes to your next jazz festival because it was looong! Thank God I wore sneakers.

First person we saw was my manager he must have wondered how I got time off to attend but I switched shift with a cowoker we said hi and found a good spot then it started with the local acts a Tobago Jazz group I was impressed keep in mind that I know nothing about jazz music but there was a panist who played so well he even turned the pan up sided down and played that was great then my goat mouth kicked in again I am telling my husband I don't feel bad about missing Stevie Wonder on Sunday I wish I could see Angie Stone I have all her cds and it will be great then the announcer says J Records recording artist due to a change on stage...... Angie Stone I screamed like a maniac and ran to the front of the stage I could not believe it.... no lie...she with her afro dressed all in white I spent like half a minute saying I wish I had a digi camera! I wish I had a camera phone! I wish I had walked with her cd to sign I wish.... and then I calmed down and decided to just relax and enjoy myself.

I embarassed my husband by singing all the lyrics to her songs loud I did not care when she came over to our side of the stage I blew her a kiss and she winked at me I swear they left the lights on for her performance it was great she asked if we had a good man and I screamed yes like a fool I know I am ashamed now but I did not care then I was in shock she was suppose to be on the Saturday's show I know some people were pissed about the change but who cares..

Machel Montano came on next it was a typical performance plenty wining at one point it looked like he had a hard-on Gross! there were these two women behaving so crazy everytime he came to our side of the stage yes I was right in front of the stage crotch view I call it and Natalie Cole was on the stage too she was taking it in she looked great and they said Babyface was in the audience too but I did not see him.

Finally at 2:30am Shaggy came on the stage oh but I forgot my goat mouth while waiting for the band to set up I am telling my husband that we did not get any soveniers the last Jazz festival i went to I got t-shirts next thing you know someone started throwing t-shirts in the audience and I got lie.... a guy behing us said boy are you lucky you did not do anything and you got 2 t-shirts just like that I know creepy one had Shaggy's new cd on the front the other had Rayvon written on the front and back I felt so special my husband held on to them we thought people might try to grab them.

Shaggy was great he did not perform the one song I wanted to hear Ready fi di ride but he was still great and I got a close up look at him he had this huge wedding ring on I said good for him.

We left just when David Rudder was coming on to perform it was just after 4am. David I am sorry I have seen you perform lots of times and you are great but I am so old now that I don't have the stamina like I used to I know I should have paced myself and not prance around during Machel's performance but what can I say and I know you must have mashed up the place but I will try to see your next concert.

I can't think of anything else I think I am suffering from ferry lag but we had a great time overall.

The picture above is the picture in my living room by Martin Superville a great Tobago artist its called Dancer III.

Goat mouth.......

I hope i don't bore you guys with stories about my mini trip i know how annoying that is I have a friend who came back from France a week now and every time he starts to speak about his trip I cut him short I could be a b**ch sometimes its just my jealousy France is my dream trip and he knows it.

Anyway my trip was AMAZING too many strange things happen that you would not believe we got to Tobago at 1pm and by 2pm we were on the beach Store Bay you have to visit Tobago and Store Bay is right near the airport and you have to taste the curried crab and dumplings its delicious so we rented some chairs and umbrella and I took out my How To Blog book by Tony Pierce which finally arrived in the mail and my son and husband went into the water I am not a beach person more of a shore person we spent all day until it was dark because our son refused to leave the water poor thing we hardly take him to the beach in Trinidad because I don't like Trinidad beaches too nasty and rough.

We got to see Virgin Atlantic triple seven land amazing airplane too big for that tiny airport we took our son to the airport to get a closer look he wants to be a pilot one day and knows about the B777 so it was great that he got to see it.

The friends we were staying by treated us like kings over fed us they had lots of fruit trees and we brought back plums and avocadoes our son had a ball i forgot how much fun it is I grew up in Tobago and climbing trees and picking fruits are the fun things we did growing up my son was fascinated by the chickens running around in the yard they had a cute dog we are not allowed to have animals where we live and he was in heaven he got to feed the chickens and tried to catch them.

We went to the beach first thing friday after a huge breakfast of coconut bake and ham and eggs I am not good with flour so my husband and son enjoyed their meal one day I will take a baking course and learn to make bread and cakes from scratch anyway we took one of those glass buttom boats out to the reef and my husband got out to explore the reef me I was too scared to go out into the water it was too deep for me if ever you take one of these boats take a boat that has two engines the one we were on had one engine and it started sputtering in the middle of the ocean scared the hell out of me i can't swim and my imagination ran away with me also ensure they have snorkeling equipment or bring your own they just had face mask and my husband saw a parrot fish and said you can hear the sounds the fish make when they were eating the corals I just watched from the boat then they took us to the Nylon pool they say it stops the aging process and it was shallow so i got into the water vanity aside and i had a good time crystal clear water my son picked up two teenage girls who kept lifting him up and playing with him i said oh lord its starting already he was in glee and afterwards they served refreshments on the boat and we headed back it was a two hour trip and worth the money.

So here is where things started getting creepy these things happened and when I develop the pictures I will try to post them.

We got back to Store Bay and the first thing we did is go to get something to eat we bought the traditional Tobago lunch stewed chicken, macaroni pie and peas and we ordered some curried crab and dumplings since they were already sold out and we sit to eat lunch guess who shows up with his entourage..... Shaggy Mr. Bombastic himself and guess who got to take a pic me well not me because i was a mess but my son got a pic with him he laughed at our camera because its our son's looney toons camera but it takes great pictures and after we calm down and call everyone we know guess who shows up after?.....wait..... Mr. Brian Lara himself and my son runs up to him and hugs his leg I love him so much my son i mean he is so brave and Brian was so nice he stooped down and spoke to him I don't care what anybody says about Brian he was really nice to us I am sure he would have prefered to be left alone but he was so cool he posed for a picture with our son can't wait to develop this roll of film and we called everyone we know and my twin sister wondered why we did not get his autograph but all i had was my how to blog book and that is for Tony to sign.

Again we left the beach pretty late because or son started crying every time we say its time to leave we got home and had to hustle to get ready for the show my husband decided last minute that he wanted to go as well the show was suppose to start at 7pm we got there at 7:30pm and it was not started yet they arrange shuttles to the venue it was being held at Plymouth very narrow winding road not sure its a good idea when people will be drinking and have to drive that road back any way thats when my goat mouth kicked in in Trinidad they say you have goat mouth when if you say like don't do that you'll cut yourself and two minutes after you cut yourself then they say you have goat mouth don't know where that came from but that was my experience that night every time I say something it happened so there was like a Jazz village set up with people selling art and craft and food it was nice the place was not bad I was impressed and I said I wonder if my favourite artist will be here lets go look low and behold he is there in person I go up to him and started rambling on about how I love him and his art and I have one of his paintings in my living room and I can't afford his originals yet but I am saving for it one day I was talkng rubbish and he said real serious you can't afford my art but you can afford this show? and he made me laugh I said you have a point and the next time I come to Tobago I will visit your studio his name is Martin Superville I have one of his limited edition prints in my living room he paints beautiful women beautifully and i want to be a collector he has a painting called Tobago Girl thats the picture above that I have been looking for a limited edition signed print of and will be buying next anyway i met him and it was great i have to do this post in two parts so i will continue with th concert next.....

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Tobago Jazz festival.......

I am going to the Tobago Jazz Festival tomorrow we my husband, son and I are taking the ferry first thing in the morning my husband wanted to take the car and its cheaper we can't get a hotel we waited too late so we are staying with some friends we are going to the friday show and returning on Saturday we both have to work on Monday and i know it will be pushing it too much to catch the ferry back all the flights are booked already can't believe Trinis have that kind of money to go to this show tickets are selling like crazy and its hard to even get ferry tickets for friday thats why we are leaving tomorrow.

Everyone enjoy your weekend from now won't be able to blog until i return plan to laze by the sea and have fun in the sun.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

True story.....

OK this happened today and I can't get anyone to agree with me.

A bunch of flowers were delivered to the office today really expensive looking.

It was delivered to a guy who when he was leaving to go home left them in the office because they did not come from his fiance and he can't take them home.

The thing is another guy asked him if he could have them and he said ok and this other guy is taking them home to his girlfriend and I think that is so wrong and no one agrees with me.

Do you guys agree with me? What if his girlfriend ask where the flowers came from I know I will want to know and if he tells her the truth she may not like to be getting someone's rejected flowers or even if he makes up a story it will still be wrong in my mind.

I don't know I have to ask the husband when I go home later I am so superstitious I am thinking what if the girl who sent them sent them to create problems for the guy and him taking them home will carry the bad omen to his girlfriend I guess thats what you get from growing up in the caribbean and hearing stories about soucouyant.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Amazing day.....

What an amazing day I had today.

It started with my girlfriend screaming in my ear that my sister made the newspaper today she was with Brian Lara so if anyone of you has access to the Trinidad express e-paper she is on page 10 and since we are twins you can have an idea what I look like.

Then I had that meeting with my boss my eyes got glassy when the first thing out of his mouth was Amelia if I haven't told you before you are my most valued employee and that the VP commented that he likes my entuasiam and bubbly attitude I almost started crying right there in his office he said that we just have to understand each other and then he called in the guy and we made up he said he was sorry and that I can be dismissive sometimes and I told him don't take offence because when the pressure is on I can't help but be short with people and I feel high and we have been smiling with each other the whole day.

I left the office for lunch for a change I went to a resturant and had lunch and I think I need to stop eating at my desk I need to take a break and breathe and see the outside and regroup and relax and continue work its for the best.

Oh but the best thing was as you know I work at the airport and I met a man from El Salvador and I just commented that it must be nice to be able to speak two languages and he asked me my name and my real name is a Spanish name and he asked me if he could touch my arm because he has never seen someone with my dark skin I could not believe it he kept putting his hand next to mine to compare the difference in shade and he asked me for the English word for my hair I told him corn-row he said in his country he has never seen someone as beautiful as me black skin, black hair, black eyes and I felt so special I told my sister and she wants to move there.

Please don't burst my bubble by telling me he was trying to lyrics me because he seemed genuine and we had a great conversation and he was cute too.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Warning TMI.....

Guess what I woke up this morning and found my husband doing?

Lets just say my new name for him is Willy Wankar I don't get it I will never understand men I told him he will have to do that for the rest of the week because the shop is close he thinks I can't hold out we'll see.

I like this blog because of the name and the guy seems cool I got that picture from his blog.

I agree reasons to take your camera everywhere.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Roll, roll it gurl.......

No Brian Lara.

We did not get to see Brian because we did not go to club Zen my girlfriend's husband apparently was serious when he told her not to go out last night I hate that and he is such a nice guy I don't know what is going on. Anyway we went to this open air party in a place called the Garden Santuary I just wanted us to go somewhere where we could talk she was so mad she took all his credit cards and was planning to go spend the night in a hotel to feed his insecurities he works off-shore so he spends weeks away and I could understand a little how he feels but we don't do anything bad I would never encourage her to do any wrong things.

She is smart she has an IT degree yet chooses to be a stay at home mom to be there for her boys she has three kids and its not easy having to depend on your man for money and I know she needs a break sometimes I don't know why he feels he has to control her like that she kept getting tex messages all night until we just decided to go home and she insisted on going home I wanted her to stay at my place because I did like her having to get out of the car late to open her gate and drive in but she insisted on going home incase he called to check in on her I hate that makes me love my husband more.

We still had a good time though there was a live show Sanelle Dempster a female Soca artist performed she looked so good she made me get up early this morning to exercise I have to lose weight for carnival.

Enjoy your weekend UB40 are in town for a concert not sure if I am going though I think I am partying a little too much.

Friday, August 05, 2005


So my sister got some invites for a party in a new club in Port of Spain called Zen and she leaves her son for the night and I helped her get dressed I discouraged her from wearing jeans so she wore a pink top and a peasant skirt she looked great.

Then she calls me up at midnight to tell me that she met Brian Lara and not just met him talked to him got him to sign her invite and pose for pictures and I am so mad she knows that my girlfriend and I have been stalking him for ages we plan to kidnap him and do naughty things to him and she gets to meet him first and she looked good because I told her what to wear it is so unfair, so we are going to the club tonight to see if he will be there again, yeah I know we need to get a life my girlfriend's husband says he doesn't like us liming together because he knows we flirt with guys when we go out when I told my husband what he said he was like but don't we reap the benefits when you come home horny? exactly.

So we are going clubing tonight. This thing with Brian Lara has been going on for too long and we don't even like cricket so it must be the bald head I mean I went to the Oval once in my life to see a match my boss gave me a ticket and I was bored out of my mind and nobody would explain what was going on at least I got to see Brian bat and the match was a draw for the life of me I can't figure out how a game could draw.

So hopefully we would get to see him in the flesh tonight and put our plan into action.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Much better today.....

I took it to my senior manager and I really thought he was not going to see my side I work in a male environment and they tend to stick together but he agreed with me its not appropriate to have a naked woman as your screen saver and my colleague was wrong to shout at me the way he did yesterday and as soon as I return to work on Monday. .

My husband is the greatest though he went to the barber and shaved off all his hair I have been asking him to try it for some time now and lordy he looks like a bad boy and I can't stop rubbing his head he did it to cheer me up and it worked and I feel lucky to have him in my life its easy to be confident and fight for what you believe is right when you have someone backing you up and supporting you he is a real man and I love him so much.

Thank you guys also for leaving nice comments and words of encouragement I know I did the right thing by walking away that guy was just being a bully I am senior to him and he has a problem with it but it will be dealt with on Monday.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Not so hot today.......

Today was not so good I was verbally abused by one of my male coleagues and instead of defending myself I walked out of the office left work early came home and cried. I am such a weak person why can't I speak up for myself. My husband wants to deal with the guy. I switched off the phone because my boss who lets things brew instead of solving problems wants to talk. I wish i could quit but I have a mortgage and family to take care of.
I don't know why when i am in the moment I could never say what needs to be said the words doesn't come out I am sick in my stomach right now and need to go lie down.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Tobago Jazz Festival.....

Next weekend there is going to be a Jazz Festival in Tobago check out the website...

The thing is its about $1000tt to go and if my husband wants to go that $2000tt we decided that we will go to just one day the thing is we can't decide which day is the better day to go I want to go for the Friday show he wants to go to the Sunday show which one would you go to here are the line up......

Friday August 12th
-Show begins at 7:00pm-
Tobago All Star Jazz Band
Michael Boothman
Daryl Sheppard
David Rudder
Layla Hathaway
Machel Montano
Shaggy (Headliner)

Saturday August 13th
(1:30PM – 7:00 PM)
R B T T - Redemption Sound Setters
Kofi Ohmaladay (Congo Artist)
Angie Stone
Natalie Cole
O’Jays (Headliner)

Sunday August 14th
(2:00PM – evening)
Signal Hill Alumni Choir
Ken Philmore / Robert Greenidge
Mavis John
The Mighty Sparrow (Trinidad)
India Arie
Doug E Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew
Featuring (Slick Rick, & Whodini)
Stevie Wonder!

Help me decide please or send some money so that I could go to all shows just kiding.


1. I just saw the Nigerian President's plane take off.

2. I am wearing two pantyhose today each one had a leg with runs.

3. I am eating stew oxtail from the canteen its nasty looking but delicious.

4. I sent an email to my boss last week that I regret and he just read it.

5. Today's the busblog 4 year aniversary.

6. I don't know what to blog about today.

Monday, August 01, 2005

One Love...

I had such a good time at the concert on Saturday it took me all of Sunday to recover.

My girlfriend and her husband took me I just called her and we went to the mall to find clothes to wear.

We payed the extra and went VIP I never went to the VIP section before since I don't really drink and hate to eat that late at night I always think its a waste of money but not anymore I am hooked now you get to be so close to the artist it was amazing we even got signed posters of Freddy Mcgregor when we went to eat after his performance his musicians were at the eating tent and we told them how much we enjoyed the show and they gave us posters of course I losed mine.

The girlfriend I went with she and her husband have been married for 12 years and still act like love birds when Gregory Isaacs started singing Night Nurse I had to go get a drink of water I missed my husband being there he would have enjoyed himself.

My friend slept thru the Bunny Wailer performance she did not know most of his songs and the combination of the weed the smell was everywhere and the police who were walking all over the place did not seem to mind I say only in Trinidad we shared a screwdriver but she drank first and the alcohol was at the top and she started drifting afer that it was so hilarious I wanted to take a picture of her everyone seem to have digital cameras or camera phones I need one bad.

I felt lucky to get to see these guys perform they are getting down in age and a lot of these guys won't be around for my son to see perform even though Bunny behaved like a teenager he had so much energy.

The concert was stopped around 230am by the police just when Bunny was getting warm we sang One Love together and I was high and happy.

We took a drive down St. James they call it the city that never sleeps my girlfriend was asleep in the car so her husband and I went to Smoky & Bunty an all night pub and had two beers we stood on the sidewalk and talked and people watch a piper (trini term for drug addict) was drawing a woman with a pen just using short strokes it was amazing his talent a guy told us he came from a well-off family but prefered to live in the streets we bought some jerk chicken from a popular spot Bobby's and ate in the car and headed home I was drunk and horny I called my poor husband to harass him at work he said I got him worked up and he left work early but I was passed out on the ground I could never sleep on the bed when I am drunk I guess I am always afraid I will fall off but I made it up to him later on.

It took me the whole day yesterday to recover I am getting old my sister had invited me to another party on a boat and I just couldn't go I finished reading White Oleander and it was so good I started reading it over again.

Today is the official Emancipation holiday and there is a street parade in Port of Sapin but I have to work.