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Friday, June 24, 2005


The newspaper headlines today about the men who died while welding had me thinking about my dad he wanted a son so badly he tried three times and ended up with four daughters and the only one who took any interest in anything that he had to teach was me.

I can weld because he taught me at an early age when I got to technical school I used to teach the guys he taught me to do an oil change, change spark plugs anything to do with a car I can do, that does not mean that I will do it though because in spite of my efforts to want to please him by learning all those things I still prefer to sew and do girlie things I was an aircraft mechanic for 5 years and was never any good at it I could't lift anything heavy I used to get down because my nails wouldn't stay clean I was terrified of engine runs always felt that I will be sucked into one someday the only thing that I was really useful for was because of my small size I could fit into tight spaces like a fuel tank or something I really hated it and was glad to do something else.

The thing is my mom had a son but he grew up with my grandmother I guess not all men can really take care of another man's child these things were never discussed or explained but I can't help thinking if my dad wanted a son so badly he had one because my brother is a part of my mother and he is such a great guy maybe he would have shared my dad's passion for Landrovers and Karate you never know.


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