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Monday, June 20, 2005


I have to remember today and what better way than to start a blog. I need to make some changes, seriously I am 32, I am an adult and I have no excuses for being so weak I need to learn to defend myself.

I spent the night at work since I am starting school in September, I wanted to get back into study mode, so I am leaving and I asked one of the guys if he was heading my way and he said sure and when I got into the car had to sit in the back because he had another guy with him and I noticed the baby seat and I just remarked that its been a while since I saw one of those..... downhill.

SiG how old is your son now? well he's five now and how old are you? I'm 32. well its time for the other kid! well not right now and my DH and I don't really want another kid we will prpbably adopt we live near an orphanage and would love to give one of those kids a good home. Well thats the problem with you women today too caught up in your careers! what? Why are you doing a degree its a waste of time! W,ell for the information and if it could get me a better job why not? and look at you you spent the night at work and your husband has to be the wife and you are not fullfilling your duties the bible said to go forth an multiply and if you think its up to you no matter what kind of birth control method you use the lord will make that call .... well its been working for the pass 5 years so what can I say and what about your poor family the man is the head of the house but you are the head of the home and now your husband has to be the wife and thats when I losed it.

I told him to stop the car right now I don't judge you I don't tell you how to live so what makes you think you can tell me ! so you're angry? just stop the car and I got out and had to walk about I don't know how far but it took me a while and of course I cried thank God it was early so no one was out but I am so pathetic why can't I defend myself why oh why am I so weak?

Thank God he was sleeping when I got home because if I had to explain this to him and he give the look where he agrees with someone else but doesn't want to hurt my feeling I would have losed it some more so I kept it inside and its been on my mind all day.


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