just a chick from Trinidad writing about her life on a small island but with big dreams all the same.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

75 Things about me.

1. I am 32

2. I am 5'2"

3. I am a libra

4. I am a twin (she was 20 minutes ahead)

5. I am married (7 years)

6. I have a 5 year old boy

7. He was 9lb 8ounces at birth

8. I was in labour for 5 days

9. I wanted a natural delivery

10. Had to have c section anyway (he was too big)

11. I used to be an aircraft mechanic

12. I work for an airline

13. Was retrenched in 2003 because of 9/11

14. I met my husband at work

15. we got married in St. Lucia with just our two best friends

16. Seen almost all the caribbean islands except Jamaica

17. Loves St. Maarten the best

18. Been to Boston, NY, DC and Miami

19. want ot see Disney and LA next

20. Love to travel but hate airplanes

21. Best trip was to Cape Cod when my husband and I were dating

22. Would love to go back but our friend there died.

23. Our son was conceived on a trip to Tobago

24. we spent the day with a friend's 3 month old baby

25. Our son and that baby has the exact same birthdate.

26. My twin sister has a 2 yr old with the same birth month as my son

27. She had a c section too.

28. My brother , husband and first boyfriend have the same first name

29. We are home owners

30. Got accepted to study Industrial Engineering at UWI

31. Don't have my drivers licence too scared.

32. Tried 5 times since I was 18 always got sick the morning of the exam.

33. Trying one more time this year got 100% on the written test though

34. I have the same best friend since I was 13( she lives in NY now)

35. Grew up a Jehovah's Witness

36. Don't like religion it devides us too much

37. believe in God and the power of pray

38. Best birthday was 20 (went to a Boys II Men concert)

39. Worst was 30 (too depressed to celebrate)

40. My twin sister and I don't get along (it makes me sad)

41. Put on 40lbs in 3 months after getting retrenched

42. Slowly losing it by running in the savannah

43. I dream about my grandmother (father side) when I am stressed

44. She died when I was young

45. She is my protector I just know it.

46. I used to sew all my clothes before I gained weight

47. Have been a library member since I was 5

48. First book borrowed was The old lady who swallowed a fly.

49. I have been a diarist since I was 13

50. Deleted due TMI

51. I have two younger sisters

52. I always felt ugly because I am dark skinned (was called tar baby in school)

53. When Wendy Fitzwilliam won miss universe in 1998 I felt not so bad about it

54. I have an older half brother who I did not grow up with

55. Don't know why but he is so great I love him so

56. I still write letters I am old fashioned like that

57. First cd I bought was Blues Travellers in Boston

58. I work night shift for over 6 years and love it

59. I once slow danced with Ato Boldon in Club Coconuts in 1997 it was great (I have pictures)

60. Favorite author Anne Tyler (read Breathing Lessons about 10 times)

61. Favorite movie Bridget Jones' Diary and I am not embarrased about that

62. Favorite Singer is Prince ( can't get him out of my system)

63. Favorite thing to eat is Apple pie (this could change)

64. Favorite meal is my mom's curried crab and dumplings

65. She is from Tobago and we lived there until I was 7

66. Never did drugs (not even interested)

67. Collect Kitchen Gadgets (love my mini Cuisinart chopper)

68. Favourite color is green

69. My favorite teacher in Secondary school is now my surrogate aunt

70. She taught me to sew and that education can take you places in life

71. I wanted to name my son Ralphie from A Christmas Story

72. Everyone especially my husband was against it

73.I live on an island but can't swim

74. Took lessons 3 times with three different instructors

75. can do any thing at the shallow end of the pool


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is pretty candid, but funny stuff! I like your blog...ish

7:32 PM  
Blogger smallislandgirl said...

Thank you

2:21 AM  
Blogger Lotusnivy said...

I love your blog. I am 1/2 Trini an tryin to find out anything I can about my heritage.

2:36 PM  
Blogger Em Asomba said...

Hi there, not quite sure if the message went through the first time. Nice piece, I like it is really cool.

Cheers -- -- Emma

12:29 AM  
Blogger AznTrini said...

WOW! I liked what you wrote about yourself! I like how you think and express yourself! You're cool!

3:55 AM  
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